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Materialize your ideas and concepts in intricate detail with general purpose resins from EPAX. 





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EPAX General Purpose Rapid Resin

EPAX General Purpose Rapid Resin is the perfect resin for any standard 3D printing project. Its surface is easy to prime and paint, and is great unpainted for basic prototyping. When cured, this resin is sturdy and durable for functional pieces in addition to displays. An easy-to-use resin, it is excellent for beginners. Available in Grey, Clear and Black.

EPAX Hard Resin

EPAX Hard Resin is specially formulated for large printers. With exceptional stability, it can withstand background light for extended times and distribute heat slowly and evenly, controlling sudden rising of hot spots, and lengthening the lifespan of your LCD screens. Hard Resin also produces less release force and less stress on prints, making it ideal for large prints like statues and cosplay. Available in Black, White, Grey, Clear and Skin.

EPAX Hard Resin Print.jpg
EPAX Washable Resin Print.jpg

EPAX Water Washable Resin

EPAX Water Washable Resin is water-soluble and can be cleaned using room temperature tap water instead of isopropyl alcohol. It has low-odor in addition to avoiding the odor associated with IPA used in the clean-up of standard resins. This resin allows for faster printing speeds than most general purpose resins without sacrificing print quality and detail. Available in Black, White, Grey, and Skin.

EPAX Bio-Based Resin

EPAX has formulated this great alternative to petroleum-based resins most often used in 3D printing without sacrificing print quality: A plant-based bio-resin derived from soy, it has very little odor and very low toxicity, making it one of the safest resins while also being made from a renewable resource. An excellent general purpose resin for everyday printing projects. Available in Violet, Grey and Blue.

EPAX Bio Resin Print.jpg
EPAX Bio-resin Print.jpg

EPAX Precision PLA Resin

EPAX Precision PLA Resin is manufactured using biodegradable and environmentally-friendly PLA (PolyLactic Acid) which is derived from corn, a renewable resource. Precision PLA resin is suitable for prints that require high resolution, good toughness, high precision and high hardness, is easy to use and a great beginner resin if you are just getting started with your printer. Available in Skin and Grey.


3DM-ABS resin provides a very low shrinkage compare to other resin brand by combining good temperature resistance with high toughness.
This resin offers also durability and dimensional stability to your models.

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