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EPAX Precision PLA Resin

EPAX Precision PLA Resin

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EPAX Precision PLA Resin is manufactured using biodegradable and environmentally-friendly PLA (PolyLactic Acid) which is derived from corn, a renewable resource. Precision PLA resin is suitable for prints that require high resolution, good toughness, high precision and high hardness, is easy to use and a great beginner resin if you are just getting started with your printer. 


Comes bottled with 1 litre of resin in Grey and Skin options. Ships within two weeks.

  • Printer compatibility : LCD SLA printers at 405nm wavelength
  • Suitable for :  Basic prototyping, sculptures, functional models
  • Benefits : High definition, fast curing time, deep opacity, high hardness, low shrinkage (~7%), low odor, low irritation, high successful printing rate, made from renewable resource, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly