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Explore our range of high quality dental resins for production of orthodontic models, surgical guides, crowns, dentures and more.

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EPAX Dental Model Resin for Orthodontics

EPAX Dental Model Resin for Orthodontics is the recommended resin for dental and orthodontic applications.

With a shrinkage rate of only 2%, it is capable of capturing very high levels of detail, making this resin ideal for the accurate modeling of teeth and gums for the production of retainers, night guards, and more. 

EPAX Dental Castable Resin

EPAX Dental Castable Resin enables laboratories to print models for easy ash-free casting of dental implants, restorations, frames & crowns and at high precision with ultra low shrinkage (0.85-1.0%). REACH, ROHS, EN71-3 certified.

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optiprint clara

optiprint clara has high mechanical strength, break resistance and flexibility, perfect for printed splints in the patient's mouth. With this new material development, there is no risk of flaking or splint breakage in the patient's mouth. optiprint clara is mouth-resistant and tasteless. 

optiprint guide

optiprint guide is a clear, transparent, light-curing premium resin based on (meth) acrylates for the production of implant drill guides, and is characterized by its exceptional UV stability in combination with reliable flexural / tensile strength. Components made from optiprint guide can be sterilized with ethylene oxide, y-radiation or steam and remain dimensionally stable and almost free of discoloration. 

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optiprint laviva 

optiprint laviva is the new 3D printing resin for lifelike dentures. With natural translucent coloring and high mechanical strength, dentures can be printed that delight every patient with their appearance and stability. The printed denture base is torsion-resistant and also safely withstands high loads. 

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optiprint lumina

optiprint lumina is the new translucent 3D printing resin for natural-looking teeth. As a highly-filled 3D printing resin, optiprint lumina combines excellent edge adjustment with strength and aesthetics. Based on available tooth colors (VITA tooth color scale), high aesthetic demands are met without additional reworking. In addition, the restorations can be easily individualized with composite if necessary. Editing and polishing are extremely easy.

optiprint tray

optiprint tray has been consistently developed and optimized for the generative production of individual impression trays with regard to mechanics, polymerization behavior and optics. Thanks to the high translucency of the 3D-printed component, the practitioner always has control during the impression process and the removal of the tray from the mouth.

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3DM-GINGIVA is a resin for the production of flexible gingival masks for high-precision implants. It produces accurate, soft and firm gingival masks that imitates the appearance and feel of gum tissue. With the pink color of natural appearance associated with gingival flexibility, 3DM-GINGIVA allows optimal dental work. 

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