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MODIFI3D is a heated tool with specially coated interchangeable toolheads designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed parts. MODIFI3D Is designed to replace much of the sanding, scraping and snapping to finish off your 3D prints.

The ergonomically-designed pen-like grip of MODIFI3D makes it very comfortable to use and extremely easy to control when precision is demanded. MODIFI3D works with PLA, ABS and other 3D printing materials. Made by Steelmans 3D Print. Ships by 2 weeks.

Power Requirements: 5V, 8W

Power Input: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

Cable: 1.5m to USB A plug

Operating Temperature: Heats up to 300ºC (572ºF) in less than 15 seconds. Maximum temperature of 420-450ºC (788-842ºF)

Physical Dimensions: 15mm X 117mm (excluding head)

Product Weight: 120g