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MatteForge by Steelmans 3D Print produces a beautiful matte, low gloss finish right off the print bed unlike any other filament by reducing the visibility of printed layer lines and gives a professional appearance to all prints. This is achieved whilst enhancing the contrast between light and shadow to highlight fine details. This highly desirable effect makes MatteForge perfect for industrial and product design, and technical engineering models.


Not only does MatteForge have a stunning low gloss finish, but it also has very good mechanical properties such as high impact resistance and good flexural strength and is very easy to print, making it great for beginners and professional creators alike. As it is PLA based, it does not warp and has amazing layer adhesion, but more importantly, MatteForge is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and has no odour.


Comes in 1.75mm diameter 1kg rolls. Ships within two weeks.

Recommended Printing Temperature:
180 - 220C (ideal 195C)

Heated Bed:
Not Required (but can be used)

Recommended Printing Speed:
40 - 120 mm/s