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Our range of Engineering Resins have properties which meet specific requirements for specialized projects.

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EPAX Hard and Tough Resin

EPAX Hard and Tough resin prints fast with low odor, and is suitable for parts which require scratch-resistant and solid, ABS-like durability with minimal shrinkage (~3%). Available in Grey, Clear and Black.

EPAX High Precision Engineering Resin

EPAX High Precision Resin is suitable for printing detailed, precise parts while minimizing resin expansion and contraction during printing. High precision resin offers unparalleled dimensional accuracy for prints that require low margins of error. 

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EPAX High Temperature Resin

EPAX High temperature Resin is suitable for printing detailed, precise parts for use in high temperature applications and offers unparalleled thermal deflection for prints that require exceptional heat management without deformation. Prints can withstand temperatures as high as 220°C.  


3DM-ELASTO resin is a high performance rubber-like material which behaves similar to elastomeric materials and offers excellent tear strength witha high flexibility and compression characteristics suitable for a wide range of applications which require repeated stresses without tearing.

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3DM-TOUGH material is distinguished mainly by its accuracy, toughness, low shrinkage, durability, and clarity and transparency without any yellowing over time making it suitable for functional and colorless parts that are similar to transparent plastics with good weathering resistance, good scratch resistance and high dimensional stability.


3DM-IMPACT was designed for parts which require toughness with high modulus while maintaining a good flexibility. This multipurpose material is resistant to shocks without breaking, has high impact toughness and can produce models that are more resistant to fracture and cracking than other known resins in this market.

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