3DM-WAX is a high resolution photopolymer suitable for lost wax casting in jewellery and dentistry. With its waxy aspect and excellent surface finishing, this material requires short burnout cycles during the lost wax casting process and is designed to print jewellery requiring high levels of detail as well as dental wax-ups.
This wax-like castable material is mainly recommended for printing at 25 to 50 micron resolutions. Comes bottled with 500ml of resin. Ships within two weeks.


    • Printer compatibility : SLA and DLP printers
    • Suitable for : Lost wax casting, jewellery, dental wax-ups
    • Benefits : Waxy aspect, high resolution, short burnout cycle, clean burnout
    Aspect   Opaque Green
    Viscosity @ 30°C

    80 mPa.s

    Density @ 25°C

    1.05 g/cm3

    Hardness (Shore D)  


    Ash content  

    < 0,03 %