3DM-DENT was developed for dental model manufacturing. With its opaque aspect, this material is an ideal choice for printing dental models that are used in laboratories.
3DM-DENT reproduces high details and is highly recommended for printing dental models that are extremely accurate, which require a fine surface finish and high dimensional stability and also offers excellent strength and durability to your models. Comes bottled with 1 litre of resin. Ships within two weeks.


    • Printer compatibility : SLA and DLP printers
    • Suitable for :  Dental models
    • Benefits : Opaque aspect, accuracy, stength & durability
    Aspect   Opaque Beige
    Viscosity @ 30°C 170-180 mPa.s
    Density @ 25°C 1.15 g/cm3
    Hardness (Shore D)   84