This low maintenance post-curing UV LED box is essential for curing your SLA prints. It features a simple and convenient one button timer to operate. Its 10 built-in UV lamp beads ensure even light distribution for worry-free curing of your prints. Made by 3DFacture and available in three colors, gold, silver & blue. Ships by 2 weeks.

3DFacture Desktop UV LED Curing Lamp

  • Power Requirements: 20W

    Wavelength: 395 to 400 nanometers

    Physical Dimensions: 137mm X 112mm X 195mm

    Chamber Dimensions: 132mm X 107mm X 150mm

    Product Weight: 2kg

  • Our limited warranty applies to 3D Facture's UV Post-Curing Boxes. Our warranty covers all shipping damage or material defects of the Product for one (1) year from the date of purchase or after the date of the first delivery of the product. ("Warranty Period")

    For hardware failure, Spatial Dynamics may elect to replace defective unit(s) at its sole discretion. Replacement unit(s) will be supplied on an exchange basis and the return of the defective unit(s) must be approved through the Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") process before it is deemed qualified for the service.

    Spatial Dynamics shall bear the cost of replacement but not the shipping costs associated with the issuance of replacement unit(s). Shipping charges associated with the return of the replacement unit(s) are the sole responsibility of the customer. The replacement unit(s) do not carry a warranty in themselves, but will be replaced as long as the Product itself is within the warranty period, subject to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty.


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