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Our extensive range of MACK4D's premium photopolymer resins for

laser, LCD and DLP 3D printers covers every application in dentistry.

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MACK4D Splint is a clear, transparent, methacrylate-based premium resin certified class IIA, and is used to produce bite splints with high mechanical strength.

MACK4D Splint is mouth-resistant and taste-neutral and retains its material properties measured under laboratory conditions in temperature ranges of 30-40 ° C.

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MACK4D Guide is a clear, transparent, methacrylate-based premium resin certified class IIA, formulated for the production of implant drill guides. The material is characterized by its exceptional UV stability in combination with reliable high tensile strength.

MACK4D Guide is durable and ensures high process robustness and can be sterilized with ethylene oxide, radiation or steam, all while remaining dimensionally stable, bio-compatible,

and virtually free of discoloration.

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MACK4D Temp is a biocompatible premium resin formulated for production of temporary crowns and bridges. Its extraordinary mechanical strength ensures that high requirements in orthodontic practice are met. In addition to its resistance to abrasion, optiprint temp provides natural tooth aesthetics with colors that are based on the VITA color scale.

MACK4D Temp can be easily processed, polished and individually characterized with all common composites. The material is mouth-resistant and tasteless.

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MACK4D Denture is a biocompatible class IIa medical material especially designed for the economic production of denture bases. This specialized resin is superior to classic denture resins in terms of the mechanical strength and allows technicians to customize the denture base with two available translucent colors .

MACK4D Denture is mouth-resistant and tasteless.

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MACK4D Match has been specially developed to document the digital production process for purposes of quality management of 3D printing. Without conditioning their surfaces further, printed parts can be rescanned to compare data obtained with output datasets for projects, giving users greater control over the precision of their digital production process and troubleshooting deviations that may arise.

MACK4D Match increases quality assurance in production. Its smooth, matte brown colour is visually appealing and ensures a homogeneous surface on printed parts.

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MACK4D Ortho-Model is tailored for thermoforming in-house aligners and guarantees a high process reliability to technicians.

MACK4D Ortho-Model has high hardness for orthodontic and aligner splints.

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MACK4D Model Clear 385 is perfect for showcasing valuable dental work in appropriate lighting and has been specially developed for 3D printers with a projector wavelength of 385nm.

MACK4D Model Clear 385 allows dental laboratories to present their work with crystal clear models to both existing and new practitioners and patients alike.

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MACK4D I-B-T 385 has been specially developed for the production of transfer guides for positioning braces. The transfer guides can be designed very easily using CAD software with increased precision, safety and speed when installing braces.

The clear, transparent material is very flexible and tear-resistant, making it very comfortable to insert and remove.

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MACK4D Gingiva is specially formulated for flexible gingival masks. Its colour is very similar to the colour of natural gums and it is pliable, very similar to real gingiva, making it easier for dental technicians to produce aesthetic dentures.

MACK4D Gingiva is the optimum complement to MACK4D Model.

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MACK4D Cast is residue-free and combustible and is specially tailored for casting.

Its durability and strength, in conjunction with low viscosity, makes it particularly suitable for high-precision production of model casts and C + B parts.

MACK4D Cast is able to form gracile support structures and distortion-free printing of casts.

In addition, the phosphate-bound investment provest RM and the light-curing repair gel LC are particularly suitable for use with it.

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MACK4D Mock-Up allows the patient, dentist and dental technician to perfectly adjust and predict the shape and fit of restorations with mock-ups before treatment begins. Patients not only see the planned end result, but can also test bite and speech since aesthetics and function are particularly critical factors.

MACK4D Mock-Up is effortless to scan without further conditioning of the surface so that the try-on can be digitized again via a wax-up scan.

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MACK4D Tray is developed and optimized for the manufacturing of individual impression trays with high mechanical properties, polymerization behaviour and appearance.

MACK4D Tray's curing depth is perfectly adapted to allow printing at high speeds. Its small inhibition layers also ensure the best possible polymerization of the silicone impression material to be used later. Its high elongation at break combined with translucency ensures control during the impression process and removal from the patient's mouth.

Our products are sold exclusively to clinics, labs and traders.