In 3D printing, supports are necessary to ensure the stability of the print, but removing them can sometimes leave many surface defects behind, marring the finish of the model.

The traditional way to repair these defects is to draw some resin with a syringe, inject it onto the affected surface, and then cure it with either sunlight or an UV lamp. This is very difficult for beginners to control the release of resin from the syringe.

Manual repair is time consuming, difficult and the whole print could accidentally be ruined.

We have the solution.


Fixer3D accurately controls the amount of resin extruded via a micro step motor and a programmable syringe pump. If you inject too much resin, you can easily suck it back into the syringe. After you have the right amount of resin applied, you can cure it immediately using the integrated long life UV LED, which has a tightly focused beam to ensure rapid curing of the resin within 1-30 seconds. 


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